Finance and General Purposes Committee

The Finance and General Purposes Committee is a BIS Executive Committee, which scrutinises the financial affairs and accounts of the Society, analysing budget proposals from the Chief Executive and also receiving updates about the property of the BIS.  This Committee is also responsible for risk management, and for ensuring that any proposed financial spend is in the best interests of the organisation as a charity.


Gerry Webb


Full Members:

Rod Woodcock, Colin Philp, Mark Hempsall, Iain Meek

The Finance and General Purposes Committee functions and delegations are:

  • Scrutinise the financial affairs and accounts of the Society*

  • Recommend to Council the annual budget, empowering the CEO to spend money in line with this

  • Approve or reject any spending proposals outside budget, referring any spend over £100,000 to Council*

  • Ensure that inventories of assets are kept and ensure that the CEO arranges suitable insurance

  • Consider and approve financial regulations.

  • Identify, consider and work with staff to find commercial opportunities and fundraising opportunities to the benefit of the Society.

  • Receive updates on the building and premises.

  • Ensure strong succession planning at all governance levels and for the CEO

  • Consider the risk management policy and risk register of the organisation as presented by the CEO

    *As required by Bye-Law 26

The British Interplanetary Society